Using Perforce with LabVIEW - Page 2

Initial Workspace Creation

This step is required each time you want to create a new LabVIEW project under Source Control. LabVIEW needs to open a connection to a LabVIEW project file from the Perforce depot. SInce the depot doesn't contain your new project data yet, you'll need to do an initial checkin of your current code (including a LabVIEW .proj project file).

If you don't have any source code, and are starting a new project, create a new empty LabVIEW project file and save it where you'd like to keep it in your documents for checkin and checkout. I typically use "My Documents\LabVIEW\Customer\Project". Remember, you can have lots of projects and workspaces, so this should be a directory containing a single project or application somewhere in your My Documents, or whatever data directory you choose.

In Perforce switch to the "Workspace" view rather than the "Depot" view. Navigate to your LabVIEW source code files that you want to checkin to this workspace. Select all of the files with Shift+LeftClick, then Right click and choose "Mark for Add". Right click again and choose "Submit".